Akshay Kumar cautiously postpones major transition on set of Ram Setu, 45 Artist Corona positive

Akshay Kumar’s Corona report has come positive (Photo courtesy: akshaykumar / Instagram)

The corona report of 45 junior artists of the film ‘Ram Setu’ has come out positive. Due to the awareness of Akshay Kumar and Vikram Malhotra, the threat of a major infection of the corona was averted.

New Delhi He says don’t do what you want to do, do it now. Recently, something similar was seen on the set of the film ‘Ram Setu’. Yesterday, 100 people were to gather on the set of Ram Setu on Mumbai’s Madh Island, but Akshay Kumar’s Cape Good Films and Vikram Malhotra’s Abundantia Entertainment set the corona virus (Covid-19) on the set. Did not allow infiltration. Now it has been reported that out of 100 people gathered tomorrow, 45 people have reported positive taxonomy.

Due to the awareness of Akshay and Vikram, the threat of a major infection has been averted on the set of the film ‘Ram Setu’. According to an exclusive report by ETimes, Akshay and Vikram had made it mandatory for everyone to have a corona test before the shooting, thereby avoiding the risk of major infection in time. This news has been confirmed by Ashok Dubey, General Secretary of FWICE (Federatioon of Western India Cine Employees). He said, ‘Makers of Ram Setu are taking full care. It is really unfortunate that 45 people of our Junior Artists Association have been found to be Corona positive. They are all now quarantined. Monday’s shoot has been canceled as the film’s lead actor Akshay Kumar is infected with Corona. A source says that “there is no possibility of shooting before 13-14 days”.


Ram Setu

It has also been revealed that there were no signs of infection in Akshay before the corona test. He was feeling perfectly fit. Yesterday Akshay was shooting for the film in Madh Island. The source said, ‘Every precautionary test is done a few days in advance. Those whose test report comes positive are separated and the producers of ‘Ram Setu’ are also paying them. This unit is so careful that if a person is not feeling well someday, he is immediately separated. All this is being done around the place of the shoot. You will see a lot of PPE kits on the set of ‘Ram Setu’. From the first day, lakhs of rupees are being spent for tests and quarantines.


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