Air hostess used to sell dirty underwear in flight, became a millionaire by selling 10 pants!

Former airhostess now sells underwear on a site named Sophia Gray (Image: Instagram)

In an exclusive interview to the Daily Star, a former airhostess made shocking revelations. He told that he earned Rs 1 crore (Air Hostess Earnings Millions Selling Dirty Underwears) by selling only 10 of his dirty underwear worn in the flight. After that he left his job.

Every person in the world wants to earn more and more money. Who doesn’t want money? With this money, a person lives a life of luxury. But the money comes in a bit like this. For this man has to work day and night. But recently a former airhostess revealed that she earned Rs 1 crore by selling the underwear she wore during the flight (Air Hostess Earns Millions Selling Dirty Underwears). After that he left his job. Today she is leading a very comfortable life.

This woman named Jasmine Pink has left her 12-hour fixed shift job. Apart from this, working as an air hostess, she also had a lot of problem in getting her sleep. The reason was the frequent shift change. After this, Jasmine left her after working as an air hostess for 2 years. But before leaving the job, he started doing such work in the flight itself, due to which he had a lot of savings. Jasmine used to sell her underwear to the passengers on the flight. Jasmine revealed that people used to buy one of her underwear for one lakh rupees.

airhostess selling dirty undies

Jasmine quit her job after selling dirty underwear on the flight. After this he came to know about a site named Sofia Grey where people sell and buy worn panties. Jasmine started selling her used panties on this site. Today Jasmine has a lot of money and she is living her life comfortably. Jasmine told the Daily Star that apart from this, she also earns money by selling her pictures on an adult site called OnlyFans. Regarding this experience, Jasmine told that earlier as an air hostess, she used to earn 2 lakhs a month. But now she earns 1 lakh by selling just one panty.

airhostess selling dirty undies

Most of Jasmine’s fans buy matching bra and panty sets from her. Black and red color underwear are most in demand. He told that his clients have nothing to do with his personal life. Jasmine is very satisfied with her life and her work.

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