AIIMS director said- Kovid’s transition chain can be broken in 6 months

AIIMS director said- Kovid’s transition chain can be broken in 6 months

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It has been a year since Coronavirus (Coronavirus) came into being and then it turned into a global pandemic but still the disease does not see an end. However, Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS Delhi, while talking to NDTV, said that the transition chain of Kovid could be broken in the next 6 months. Also, he said that by giving vaccine to more people in the next six months, its infection will be prevented and after that it will take another six months to reach the pre-corona situation.

Randeep Guleria said that I hope that in the next six months, we will have two things. Sufficient number of people who have got infection and have recovered and some type of immunity has come in them. And those people who have got the vaccine will continue. He said that our goal is to reduce the death rate but this is possible only when people with high risk are vaccinated.

He said that we are vaccinating frontline workers, healthcare workers – who are more likely to get infection. And those who are more than 50 years old and are suffering from some other health related problem. We have less to do this work It will take at least six months. He said, “We have 300 million people and we have to give 600 million doses, because 2 doses have to be given. We will need many syringes and needles and we have to do it in six months.”

It is worth noting that the vaccine ‘Corvoxine’ of the Corona virus being developed by Hyderabad based company Bharat Biotech triggered immune response in the vaccine and no serious side effects were observed. The company said this on Wednesday evening while releasing the results of the first phase trial of this vaccine.

Let it be said that since the epidemic hit India last December, more than 99.3 lakh COVID-19 cases have been registered in the country. More than 1.44 lakh patients have died.

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