After the flood, the city’s garbage accumulated in the mosque, Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Christians started cleaning

Natural disaster brings a lot of devastation in the life of a person. Whether it is an earthquake or a flood, the effects of these disasters are visible for a long time. But it is said that when nature wreaks havoc, then man becomes helpless and then unites to get out of trouble. Even though the world has been separated by humans on religion and many other parameters, but when the need arises, humans do not delay a minute in coming together. Something similar was seen in Malaysia in the past.

Some pictures of a mosque in Malaysia are going viral on social media. In these photos, you can see how the people there are covering the devastation after the flood with their own hands. In these difficult times, people have left religion and united. The pictures going viral are from Kalang, Malaysia. Here the flood caused the most destruction. Now that the flood waters are receding, he has left behind a lot of garbage. The picture of people involved in cleaning this garbage stored inside a mosque is going viral.

Tiktok is not banned in Malaysia. This video was shared by a user named @rejean0810 on Tiktok. This heart touching video has been viewed millions of times so far. People watching the video are not able to stop themselves from commenting on it. In this viral video, you can see how people of every community forgetting their religion are busy cleaning the garbage deposited in the mosque. People were seen cleaning the garbage accumulated due to the flood by taking water in buckets. These people include people of different religions from Hindu-Muslim.

After the flood in the country, now garbage becomes a problem

Let us tell you that after the floods in Malaysia, people are now coming forward to help the flood victims. People are also giving generators to people in trouble, from food to charging their mobiles. In the midst of such help, it is expected that soon the people here will get rid of this difficult time.

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