After Taiwan, Malaysia furious over China’s antics, summoned China Ambassador | After Taiwan, Malaysia furious over China’s antics, summoned China’s ambassador – Bhaskar

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China claims the South China Sea as its own, but many countries around it like Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Taiwan and Vietnam strongly oppose this claim. For a few years, China has intensified its activities in this disputed area. Recently, Malaysia has expressed strong opposition to the presence of Chinese ships in the Kuala Lumpur area in the South China Sea. Taking objection, Malaysia’s Foreign Ministry has said that there was a boat with the Chinese ships. Which was on the shores of Sabah and Sarawak. Their presence and actions are in violation of the 1982 United Nations Law of the Sea.

China’s Locations in the Special Economic Zone
China has built military bases ranging from artificial islands to military bases in the region. China may have been telling the reason behind this as peaceful, but its intentions are not good. At the same time, Malaysia says, whatever action it is taking is based on international law, which is necessary to protect the sovereignty and rights of Malaysia’s waters. Malaysia has already opposed China’s shipping camp in this area. Malaysia claims the island of Burneo in the South China Sea. This area comes under its special economic zone. Where China carries out activities.

After June, Malaysia summoned the Chinese ambassador after the presence of 16 Chinese fighter jets in the disputed area of ​​the South China Sea in June. Chinese ships were also chased by Malaysian fighter planes to find out about the suspicious activities of China. At the time, Malaysia called the incident a threat to national sovereignty. While China kept praying for international laws. China breaks the law: Malaysia

China has been in controversies for some time on many issues. China recently pulled out a batch of fighter jets from Taiwan’s air defenses on its National Day. To which the President of Taiwan took strong objection. At the same time, his intention with India is also not right. On the LAC, China continues to do some kind of rhetoric with India, due to which the tension between the two countries remains. Apart from this, China has been in the limelight for its statements on the nuclear joint policy between Australia, America and Britain regarding the Ocus Agreement.


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