After Taimur, Kareena-Saif’s second son’s name is ‘Jahangir’, people said – ‘Next Aurangzeb or Babar’

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are once again in the headlines. Recently, Kareena has launched the book ‘Pregnancy Bible’ based on her pregnancy. The actress has made many revelations on the occasion of this book launch. Also told that the name of his second son is Jahangir. Since then people have started trolling Saif-Kareena on social media. Earlier, when the name of the first son of this couple was named Taimur, there was a lot of ruckus. Now users say that first Timur then Jahangir now what next… Aurangzeb or Babar!

Saif-Kareena trolled on social media
Earlier it was discussed on social media that Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have named their second son Jeh. Now Kareena herself has given the name of the son. At the book launch, Kareena named her son as Jahangir. Since then trolls have become hyper active on social media. People are making different types of comments and jokes. Some people say that the way Saif-Kareena are naming their children, according to that they want to launch an IPL team named Mughal.

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Sharing a photo of Kareena’s pregnancy, a user wrote, ‘Taimur, Jahangir, who will be next, Aurangzeb.’

One user wrote – Kareena’s son’s name could have been Kalam, Irfan, Zakir, but why only Taimur and Jahangir? This is a conspiracy to humiliate Hindus and Sikhs. Accordingly, they want to launch an IPL team named Mughal.

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Another user wrote, ‘Looks like Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali will form a team of Mughal rulers, first Timur and now Jahangir. Who will be next?’

It is worth noting that when Kareena and Saif had their first son, he was named Taimur. After naming this name, it became a topic of discussion in the country. People started debating on having such a name and why. Debate shows were kept on TV channels regarding this. Although in an interview Saif Ali Khan had said that the one who is being disputed was Timur, the ruler of Turkey, my son’s name is Taimur. Both the names sound alike. Taimur means iron.


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