After ‘Bahubali’, it was not revealed in this film, ‘Who killed Katappa’, the second part will be made

After ‘Bahubali’, it was not revealed in this film, ‘Who killed Katappa’, the second part will be made

-Dinesh Thakur

Some critics of shayari say that all the topics in the world have been covered in shayari. Now poets have nothing new to say. Yet the heart-touching ghazals are being built. New things are being created in them. The topic is not necessarily new to the new thing.

Saifuddin Saif’s marque lion – ‘Saif changes the speculation / otherwise there is nothing new in the world.’ Not only poetry, in every field of art, ‘Anda-bayan’ (style of narrating) is important. When Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa narrates the story of ‘Seven Samurai’, Narendra Bedi makes ‘Khote Coins’.

When Ramesh Sippy narrates the same story, it becomes ‘Sholay’. After watching ‘Nail Polish Movie’ by new filmmaker Bugs Bhargava Krishna, it can be said that he is aware of the importance of guessing. He introduced events like news headlines on the screen in such a way that a new thing was born in the film.

Murders, Trials and Contraindications
‘Nail Polish’ is a psychological thriller. Moving away from the formulas of the common man, this film explores the folds of a human mind. A person who is struggling with the atmosphere inside and outside, swinging between love and hate. Troubles have laid siege to him. He has to save his existence at any cost.

Most incidents of the film revolve around the court. Retired Fauji Veer Singh (Manav Kaul) is facing trial for body exploitation and murder of two children. All the evidence is against him. The defense lawyer (Arjun Rampal) (Arjun Rampal) is trying to prove her innocent. Veer Singh is having a different upheaval in his mind. Suddenly his gestures become lifeless.

He also confuses the judge (Rajit Kapoor) by saying that she is a girl named Charu Raina, not Veer Singh. The extent that the husband of a woman of this name also appears on the court’s order. Is this Veer Singh’s escape from the case? Or is he really playing a double role?

Perhaps suspense will open in the second part
The answers to these questions are not found even after the climax. This is a big blow to ‘nail polish’. Either Bugs Bhargava Krishna respecting the understanding of the highly intellectual audience left these questions unresolved or ‘Who killed Katappa?’ He also intends to present the answer in the second half of the film, on the lines of (Bahubali).

The case was second with ‘Bahubali’. There the story was secondary, there were more other tricks to entice the audience. Considering the manner in which the story was filmed in ‘Nail Polish’, the idea was that it would be taken to a logical end.

Madhu’s character is also puzzle like
The character of the judge’s wife (Madhu) in the film is also similar to Paheli. The reason behind why she is always drunk with alcohol and taunts her husband is not known. However, in the final part, the film seems incomplete until the climax before the climax. It runs on its own track instead of getting involved in non-essential dance songs.

Like a good suspense film, the thrill of ‘Aag Kya Hoga’ remains intact. The work of all the actors is good, but it is entirely a film by Manav Kaul. He killed himself first in a simple coach, then accused in two murders and later in the role of himself as a woman. Those who watch this film will definitely wait for their next film.

  • 0 Film: Nail Polish
    0 rating 3.5 / 5
    0 Duration: 2.8 hours
    0 Writing: Bugs Bhargava Krishna
    0 Photography: Deep Metkar
    0 Music: Sanjay Wandrekar
    0 Artists: Manav Kaul, Arjun Rampal, Rajit Kapoor, Madhu, Samreen Kaur, Anand Tiwari, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Neha Hinge, Pankaj Singh etc.

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