After all, why is Mamta working in Goa except in big states?

Panaji: The West Bengal Chief Minister said that if anyone wants to defeat the BJP in Goa, then he should support his party. Describing Goa as a “lovely, beautiful and very intelligent” state, Banerjee said her party has not decided to contest the elections to control the state or become the chief minister, but to use its experience to help the people of Goa in the elections. made to use.

alliance with this party

Banerjee, who is on a two-day visit to Goa, exuded confidence that her party would win the elections in the state along with the MGP. “If anyone wants to defeat the BJP, it is up to them to support us,” he said. Banerjee said she has a plan for Goa like West Bengal, which will be implemented in the coastal state within six months of coming to power. The Bengal Chief Minister said that earlier her party had not considered contesting in Goa, but when it was realized that other parties were not giving competition to the BJP, the TMC decided to jump into the fray here. Banerjee said, “We have not come to Goa in all these years, but we realized that no one is doing anything.

Big attack on Congress again

Referring to the Congress, Banerjee said, “When you can fight against us in West Bengal, why can’t we fight against you in Goa. We want to work with you, but we will fight (on our own). Banerjee said there will be ‘Khel Jatlo’ in Goa. Earlier, she had given the slogan of Khela Hobe during the West Bengal assembly election campaign.

Why Goa?

Assam, Tripura and Goa The population of these three states is less than the rest, but is this the only reason why Mamta is putting all her strength in Goa this time leaving the fascination of big states like UP, Punjab. Many things connect West Bengal and Goa along with films and football. According to political experts, this can be a reason but not the biggest. According to the big pundits of politics, the biggest reason is the way of thinking of the voters of these states. People in these states are with cosmopolitan mindset, where Mamta can benefit more. Elections in these states can be fought on the issues of the entire state.

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