After 30 seconds of death, the man opened his eyes, he woke up and said – what does the fairy of heaven look like?

Jamie, who lives in the US, claims he has spent 30 seconds in heaven

A person living in America shared the after death experience with people. The man told how he died for 30 seconds after a cardiac attack. During this time, the person has shared the details of whatever he felt with the world.

Many people in the world have a desire to know what happens after death. Many people have claimed that life happens even after death. But these claims are called mere imagination. Many people shared their experience by writing in books after coming out of the mouth of death. Similar people share their experiences at Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). Jammie, who lives in America, has also claimed that after cardiac arrest, he had gone to another world for the next 30 seconds. Jamie had an accident. At the same time, he suffered a cardiac arrest and his breath and heartbeat stopped for some time. Jamie claims that during this time he was in a world which is counted on the other side of life. Everything was different there, which was very different from ordinary life. The peace and things there could not be seen, only they could be felt. As Jamie realizes, he feels as if he was in heaven for 30 seconds. However, he denied that Apsaras were there. All seen without eyes visible While sharing his experience with the people, Jamie said that there was immense peace. However, he realizes that he has no eyes. He was able to see all the things with his eyes. He was getting a lot of peace there. But he did not remember anything about his life on earth. He was enjoying that time.Get wife back Sharing his experience, Jamie said that he felt very good in another world. He did not want to return from there. But suddenly he felt that someone is shaking him badly. He did not want to come but someone was forcibly pulling him. After a while, he started hearing his wife’s voice. After this, his ‘body’ opened his eyes. The other world really is
Sharing his experience, Jamie said that after this incident, there was proof that another world happens. Now he is very positive about his life. However, the peace of heaven was such that he did not feel like coming again. But it was his wife who dragged him here again.


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