After 20 lakh fine, Juhi Chawla said, we are not against 5G

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla has shared a video on her social media. In this video Juhi Chawla is telling that she is not against 5G technology. He has also expressed his concerns related to 5G in the video. Recently, Juhi’s petition filed in the Delhi High Court regarding 5G was dismissed and she was fined Rs 20 lakh.

‘Prove that 5G is safe, let our fears go’
In the video posted on social media, Juhi Chawla said, ‘There has been so much noise in the last days that I could not hear myself. It may have lost a very important message. It was that we are not against 5G. Rather we welcome it. Please do bring it. All we want to say is that the authorities should certify that it is safe. Publish studies on this, research on this in public domain. So that this fear of ours, it goes away. Let us all go and sleep peacefully. Please tell that it is safe for children, pregnant women, elderly, unborn children and nature. That’s all we are saying.

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Court had reprimanded
Significantly, while hearing Juhi’s petition on 5G, the Delhi High Court had ordered a fine of Rs 20 lakh on her. The court said that this petition has been filed for publicity without studying the facts. This has led to an abuse of the legal process. Along with this, the court ordered Juhi to pay the full legal fees fixed for this case. Apart from this, in the first hearing, action was also ordered against the person who sang film songs during the virtual hearing. Actually, Juhi had shared the link of the first virtual hearing of this case on social media. Due to this, a person broke into this hearing and started singing songs from Juhi’s films. After blocking once again it enters back. Later the link of the hearing was locked.


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