Afghanistan’s national footballer died, fell from a US plane while trying to escape

Kabul. The terror of the Taliban in Afghanistan is so much that people just want to leave the country somehow. When a plane that took off from Kabul Airport on August 16 could not find space, three people were hanging by holding on to the tyre. However, he fell from the flight and died. Afghanistan national team footballer Zaki Anwari’s name has been included in those who died after falling from the flight. Anwari died after falling from a US plane at Kabul airport.

Anwari fell from a US plane
Afghan news agency Ariana reported, ‘Zaki Anwari was among those who arrived at Kabul airport on August 16 after the Taliban took over Kabul and boarded a C-17 cargo plane flying from there in chaos. But he died due to fall. According to the report, the death of Anwari has been confirmed by the Directorate General of Sports.

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Afghanistan football team paid tribute
First of all, a Facebook page of the Afghan football team revealed the cause and cause of Zaki Anwari’s death. Tribute was paid by sharing the photo of Zaki Anwari on the Facebook page and it was told that he died after falling from the plane. Zaki Anwari was also part of the Afghanistan national youth football team.

What happened on August 16th?
The Taliban captured Kabul as well as the whole of Afghanistan on 15 August. Since then people are trying to leave the country. A day later, all commercial flights at Kabul airport were also stopped. At present, there is only one way open to leave the country, that is Kabul Airport. In such a situation, people are reaching Kabul Airport. On 16 August also, thousands of people had reached Kabul airport.

Many people had boarded the C-17 cargo plane of the US Air Force flying from there. During this, people were hanging on the wheels of the plane and other empty places. Later pieces of human body were found in the landing gear of US military aircraft. Confirming the discovery of human pieces in the wheel well of the aircraft, the US Air Force said that the whole matter is being investigated.

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