Afghanistan: 3 Afghans fell to the ground from a flying plane in Kabul, watch video

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Afghanistan: 3 Afghans fell to the ground from a flying plane in Kabul, watch video

Kabul. The picture of Kabul Airport in Afghanistan is very worrying at this time. Thousands of Afghan nationals are present at Kabul airport. These people want to leave Kabul and run away by any means. In this endeavor, all these people are ready to do anything. In a video that surfaced from Kabul, 3 Afghan civilians are seen falling from a US plane. It is being told that these civilians have fallen from the top of the plane.

Despite Taliban assurances, Afghan citizens fear returning to barbaric rule

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have promised to bring a new era of peace in the country, but the Afghans are not convinced and fear in their hearts the return of the old barbaric regime of the Taliban. Those who remember Taliban rule and those who have lived in Taliban-held areas are aware of the Taliban’s fear. Government offices, shops, schools, etc., are still closed in areas the Taliban have recently captured, and civilians are in hiding or on their way to the capital, Kabul.

The country is beginning to hear the Taliban’s return to the hardline Sharia regime, under which the people of the country spent the period from 1996 to 2001. The US ended the Taliban regime in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. Many fear that the Taliban regime will lead to the end of freedom for women and ethnic minorities, and that journalists and non-governmental organizations will be banned from working.

The 25-year-old woman, who works for a local NGO in Herat, said she had not left the house for weeks because of the fighting. She said that very few women will be seen on the streets even women doctors are in their homes and till the situation becomes clear, it is going to remain so. “I can’t face Taliban fighters,” she said over the phone on condition of anonymity. I don’t have any good feelings for them. No one can change the Taliban’s view of women and girls. They still want women to stay at home.

The Taliban have assured people that those working for the government and security forces will not be punished with retaliation and that life, property and honor will be protected. They are also appealing to the citizens of the country not to leave the country, but the recent actions of the Taliban paint a different picture. According to the semi-official ‘Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission’, Taliban boys went door-to-door searching for people who had worked for the government after the capture of the Malistan district of Ghazi province last month, followed by at least 27 people. murdered. More or less similar reports are being received from other places as well.


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