Advisor to Pak PM said, if you do not pay tax, then you do not have the right to vote | Pak PM’s advisor said, if you don’t pay tax, you don’t have the right to vote – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Shaukat Tareen, financial advisor to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, has said that everyone will have to pay income tax and GST. The report said that while addressing a conference in Islamabad on Monday, Tarin told businessmen and businessmen from across Pakistan that everyone has to pay taxes and if no one pays, he is not entitled to vote. He said income tax and GST would have to be paid and all other taxes would be deducted. People expect us not to be forced to beg for payment of taxes, the report said. Assuring full support to agriculture, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and IT sector to take the country forward, Tarin said that a fund will be set up to provide finance to SMEs and people associated with the IT sector. Will. The Advisor said that interest free agriculture and business loans are being given under another initiative of the youth program, which has been started for the upliftment of about 40 lakh marginalized families.



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