Abdominal muscles will be strengthened by core strength exercise, learn yoga from Savita Yadav

Abdominal muscles will be strengthened by core strength exercise, learn yoga from Savita Yadav

It is very important to keep the Immune System strong during the Corona Era. So that any kind of infection can be avoided. For this, Yoga Posture must be included in your routine. To keep the body healthy, the digestive system must remain healthy. At the same time, Yogasana also plays an important role to keep the body flexible. Apart from this, people who sit for hours and work often have problems with back and back pain. By sitting there, working also increases the fat of the stomach rapidly.In such a situation, you should practice some special yoga. By doing yoga, the body remains healthy and life remains balanced. For this, first, relax your body and after that practice yoga. Never try to do yoga in pain. This can lead to opposite results. After doing asanas, do pranayama to give comfort to the body. It removes body fatigue.

Core Strength Exercise: The stomach remains fit due to core strength exercise and the muscles of the stomach are strong. For core strength exercise, sit on the mat with the spine, that is, the spine straight. Now fill the breath slowly. Hold. After this, slowly exhale the breath. Pronounce ॐ.

You can do Vajrasana anytime in the day, but this is the only posture that is very effective immediately after eating. This not only keeps the digestion process fine but also provides relief from the lower backpane.

Method of performing Vajrasana
To do this asana, bend the knees and sit upright on the toes. The two toes should meet together and there should be a short distance between the ankles. Place all the weight of the body on the feet and keep both hands on the thighs. The part above your waist should be perfectly straight. Take a long breath while sitting in this position for a while. People who have joint pain or have arthritis problem should not do this asana

Benefits of Vajrasana
During Vajrasana, the central part of the body is the most pressurized. During this time, there is a slight pressure on the stomach and intestines, which eliminates constipation, and digestion is good. In the posture of Vajrasana, tension of the muscles of the waist and legs is removed and joints are opened. After walking or standing for long, you will feel relaxed with the help of this asana.

Mountain posture While doing this asana, take the left leg back while breathing and keep the whole body in a straight line and keep your hands straight on the ground.

Margarie seat
Marjari Asan is called in English as Cat pose. It is also known as cat stretch posture. By doing this asana, the flexibility of the spine and back muscles remains. Marjari asana is a yoga asana with a forward-leaning backward. Cat walk is famous all over the world, but we discuss about cat pose in yoga posture class. This asana is beneficial for your body in many ways. This asana gives a good stretch to the spine. With this it gives relief in back pain and neck pain.

Bhujangasana is the 8th of the 12 asanas of Surya Namaskar. Bhujangasana is also called Sarpanasana, Cobra Asana, or Snake Mudra. In this posture, the body forms the shape of a snake. This asana is done by lying on the ground and bending the back while the head is in the raised posture of the snake.

Benefits of bhujangasana
– Backbone firmness and flexibility
– Increases the ability to work all the organs present in the lower part of the stomach
-Does digestive system, urinary tract problems and increases sexual power
-Metabolism improves and helps to lose weight
-The bottom of the cup is strong
– The lungs, shoulders, chest, and lower abdomen get a good stretch
-Depression also benefits
Relief even in Asthma

Planck Pose: Planking improves your digestion. If you practice Takht Mudra regularly, then your weight will decrease rapidly. Planking causes great elasticity in the body. This also leads to stretch in the collarbone, shoulder muscles. This causes a very fast calorie burn. Burning more calories fulfills the body’s oxygen needs very well and nutrients are also found well.

Kapalabharati is a very energetic high abdominal breathing exercise. Kapala means brain and cleanliness i.e. ‘Kapalbharati’ is the pranayama through which the brain is clean and in this case, the functioning of the brain is smoothly. By the way, there are other benefits of this pranayama. There is a lot of benefit for liver and gas problems. To perform Kapalabhati Pranayama, sit on any meditation posture, sukhasana or chair while keeping the spine straight. After this, throw out the breath as fast as possible from both the nostrils. Also, make the stomach as narrow as possible. Immediately after this, both the nostrils are inhaled and allow the stomach to come out as soon as possible. You can do this activity by increasing the strength and gradually from 50 times to 500 times as per requirement, but do not do more than 50 times in a sequence. Increase the order slowly. It can be done for at least 5 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes.

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