Aalas Motapa Ghabraahat Review: Laugh at your own family ‘laziness-obesity-panic’

Aalas Motapa Ghabraahat Review: There is a difference of intention between satire and sticking your agenda on the pretext of satire. If you are a stand-up comedian, a satirical writer, then you can rightly target all situations, individuals and politicians. But if you are broken on a particular section, you are promoting your agenda, then that particular class is ‘dealing’ with you in its own way, then don’t complain. Satire on everyone. But a great feature of stand-up comedy is that it takes a dig at the bitter realities of life. Karunesh Talwar’s new stand-up special ‘Alas Mota Nabarak’ recently released on Amazon Prime Video and he seems to be taking a dig at himself.

Karunesh Talwar is known for his stand up comedy. Karunesh’s father had bought a VCR and after that Karunesh realized that he wanted to do comedy and there could be comedy on everyday life. He participated in many open mics and won competitions there, performed in cafes and bars and made a mark for himself. His first performance was in 2011 and at that time he was commenting on the discrepancies around. People had a lot of fun and Karunesh got twice as much. So much fun that after finishing the show, he came out of the venue and kept walking for a kilometer. A few years later, India’s famous stand-up comedian Vir Das organized an ‘open mic’ competition.

Karunesh participated in it and stand-up comedy got its tail in his life. Other stand-up comedians of the country such as Rohan Joshi, Gursimran Khambha, Tanmay Bhatt and Ashish Shakya all started working with Vir Das. He worked as a scriptwriter with the country’s most controversial standup group AIB, but at the same time he was writing something for himself. He continued to perform in front of a live audience and gradually he became successful. His acts on the Hindi film industry and Master Chef Australia were well-liked.

Amazon Prime Video has recently released his second special ‘Alas obesity panic’. Earlier in 2019, Karunesh’s first special ‘Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai’ came which was very much liked. This special of Karunesh is very special because there is no abuse in it. And most importantly, there is nothing special in this special. Here are some observations of a young man in lock down. Karunesh has presented all the thoughts that came in his mind after seeing his family, especially his parents at home. In the very beginning, Karunesh makes it clear that people get angry on anything nowadays, so he will tell jokes only on his family or girlfriends, because there are only 3-4 topics left on which people do not get angry. But people will still be angry because how come I don’t respect my parents. You will be able to see a new style of your father’s favorite dialogue ‘Good people are with good people’. Not only this, Karunesh is also seen making fun of his girlfriend, how earlier he was not interested in Karunesh and how he changed his mind.

Karunesh’s specialty is that he often presents a new perspective on Hindi films, but he keeps making fun of himself in every show. Sometimes he is troubled by his own obesity and sometimes because of his father’s laziness. Whatever the case, panic is a permanent emotion of his family and why. Karunesh is on stage just like he is beyond the stage. He does not voice any character. It seems that while talking, Karunesh has started performing on the stage. His comment on his life is so funny that you can’t live without laughing. Like he says that my parents are angry and want me not to make fun of him in stand up but then he sees the check from Amazon and starts telling new stories. Keep your parents acquainted with your personality, because they should also have an idea of ​​how spoiled you are, thinks Karunesh in this special.

This Amazon Special is a good example of Karunesh’s potential and should be seen. Simple, simple, humor made from life’s experiences.


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