A ‘special’ message was found in the bottle that came from 2400 miles in the sea, something was written that the recipient became restless

The bottle reached after swimming 2400 miles,

Seeing the innocence of the note (Message Note in a Bottle), the boy who received it and his mother are anxious to meet the person who wrote it. They are searching for him through social media.

In the old days, when there were no such things as post and email, people used to use animals to send their messages or hid it in a vehicle going to that place. As time changed, to maintain the secrecy of the message, it was sent through post and then in the electronic era, all the things are present. In such a situation, if we tell you about a message that has reached by swimming in a bottle, will you believe it?

This message (Message Note in a Bottle) floating in the bottle has come through the Atlantic Ocean. It is not known who wrote this message and why, but ever since it was received, people on social media are searching for the person who sent it. A boy has got this bottle while swimming a distance of 2400 miles and he is engaged in finding the person who read it.

bottle found while fishing

Christian Santos, a 17-year-old boy from Portugal, found a bottle while fishing. This bottle was of plastic and was slightly broken. Christian had found this bottle near Rhode Island. According to the American newspaper The Boston Globe, it is a matter of 2018. When the boy showed the bottle to his mother, she opened it and a note came out of it. After reading this note, both of them decided to contact the person who wrote it.What was written in the note?

Actually this note has been written by a 13 year old child. It is written on a notecard with an orange marker. It was written- ‘Today is Thanksgiving. I am 13 years old and going to Rhode Island to visit family. I am from Vermont.’ Along with this message it was also written that whoever gets this message (Note in a bottle) should contact on an e-mail address. The family who received the bottle says that they even contacted him, but there was no response.

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Social media used to find the child

Molly Santos, the mother of Christian, the boy who got the bottle, shared the picture of this note on social media and people are appealing to share it as much as possible. She wants that child also to know where her written message has reached after traveling such a long distance. They are also curious as to who and why did the child write this message (Atlantic Ocean Bottle Message). Only the child sending the message by placing it in the bottle would know for whom he wrote it, at present this idea has become a hit on social media.


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