A secret hospital of men opened in the country of cruel dictator, Google Maps exposed

Cruel dictator Kim Jong Un does not allow many things of his country to come in front of the world. It is very difficult to get information about this country (Secrets Of North Korea). The reason for this is the ban on the media of the country. The news of this country gets filtered and comes in front of the people. But even after making lakhs of efforts, some information of this country gets leaked every day. Recently, there is a lot of discussion about a hospital in this country. Google Maps has revealed about this hospital.

A person who was just scanning North Korea on Google Map, the name of this hospital was stunned. The name of this hospital was written in English as PeePee Hospital. That is, a hospital where the surgery of the private part of men is done. On seeing the name of this hospital, the person took a screenshot of it and shared it on social media. People are now unable to stop laughing after seeing the name of this hospital.

The person who made this post wrote that he was browsing through Google Maps over North Korea when his eyes fell on this hospital. Its name is written Big Penis Hospital. Seeing this, people are unable to stop their laughter. A Reddit user has written that it may be just a translation mistake. However, many people wrote that this is really a hospital to enlarge the private part.

In North Korea, many such names keep appearing on Google Maps.

Many other people also wrote about many places in North Korea on social media. People told that the names of many places of this country appear strange on Google Maps. Shows Rocket Burger, Nuclear Chicken etc. to name a few. Now what is the reality of these places, it is not known, but their names on Google Maps have made it viral. Now they are being discussed a lot.

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