A person sleeps only 30 minutes a day! Habit of getting less sleep due to hard training in 12 years

Most of the people in the world love to sleep. On the one hand, many people sleep for 8 hours, while on the other hand some people sleep for more than that. By the way, doctors also say that it is very important to have sound sleep and 7-8 hours of sleep. But these days the news related to a person is becoming very viral, who sleeps only for half an hour i.e. 30 minutes.

Daisuke Hori, 36, who lives in Japan, has been training himself for the last 12 years to sleep less often. His body is now running with less sleep. He has trained the body in such a way that he sleeps only for 30 minutes. Despite this, they do not get tired. Let us tell you that Daisuke is the chairman of the Japan Short Sleepers Association. They train themselves as well as others to get less sleep. He tells that there are many such works throughout the day which people are not able to do due to lack of time. That’s why they sleep only 30 minutes to use them properly throughout their day.

When it came to know about Daisuke in Japan, everyone was shocked. A news channel did a special show on him to test his claim. Under this, the channel spent time with Daisuke for 3 days with the camera. The channel also found that he slept only 30 minutes in 3 days. He told that he has limited 8 hours of sleep to 30 minutes due to a lot of training. Daisuko goes to the gym first thing in the morning at 8. Then after returning from the gym, he reads a book and writes his weekly column. Then they play video games and go out to spend time with friends. After returning from dinner, he makes some videos for the YouTube channel in which he trains people to take less sleep and then he goes to sleep at around 2 pm. According to the show, he sleeps only 26 to 30 minutes and gets up without alarm and then goes for surfing with friends. From there he comes home again and leaves the gym at 8 o’clock. The funny thing is that his friends are also less sleepy people like him, so they all have fun even during the night. He told that when he was training himself, he used to drink a lot of coffee in order not to sleep. Coffee contains caffeine, which reduces sleep.

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