‘A Mini Tale’ FILM REVIEW: The theme in a ‘mini-fiction’ is too ‘big’ chosen

Listening to adult comedy reminds me of films like ‘Masti’, ‘Grand Masti’ or ‘Kya Kool Hain Hum’. The question of watching these films with family does not arise, but some scenes are so clumsy that even if you are watching alone, nothing else comes to mind except disgust. There was a flurry of Hindi films being influenced by sex comedy or adult comedy in English films and currently some OTT platforms are filled with content just like this. Meanwhile, an adult comedy was released on Amazon Prime Video – ‘Ek Mini Katha’. The specialty of this film is its subject, which is actually a very big topic and it is not possible to discuss it in families or even among friends.

name of the movie- Ek Mini Katha (Amazon Prime Video)

release date- May 27, 2021

director- Kartik Rapolucast- Santosh Shobhan, Kavya Thapar, Shraddha Das, Krishna Murli Posani, Bramhaji and others

music- Praveen Lakkaraju

Genre- adult comedy

Rating- 2.5/5

Duration- 2 hours 14 minutes

producer- UV Concepts, Mango Mass Media

Rammohan (Brahmaji) is a professor in the college and he thinks that his son is a “sex addict” i.e. he has very strong sexual feelings and that is why he does many wrong things. Ram Mohan visits Dr Satya Kishore (Krishna Murali Posani), a psychiatrist, who invites his son Santosh (Santosh Shobhan) to meet him where he realizes that Santosh has a frustration where he feels that his sexual organ its small. To get rid of this, he keeps trying many types of remedies. In this episode, Santosh’s friend takes him to a call girl and at the same time the police raid there. Ram Mohan gets angry with his son because of the police case and he arranges his marriage with Amrita (Kavya Thapar). With time, both of them start liking each other. Due to his frustration, Santosh decides to undergo an operation but the doctor dies of a heart attack on the operating table itself and Santosh’s plan fails.

The goons of a religious organization, seeing Santosh and Amrita in the park on Valentine’s Day, forcefully get them married and it is telecast live on TV. Even then Santosh could not tell his heart to Amrita. Both start their married life. Santosh’s friend brings a sanyasi (Shraddha Das) who claims to be the cure for Santosh’s problem. Santosh’s in-laws come and live at Santosh’s house at the same time and Amrita’s relative is the same inspector who arrested Santosh. Amidst a lot of confusion, Amrita’s angry family members take Amrita away from Santosh’s house, breaking ties between hearing the story of Santosh’s jail visit and the accusation of her having a relationship with the sannyasin. Even after many efforts, the matter is not resolved, then one day, exhausted, Santosh reaches Amrita’s house and expresses his problem in front of everyone on loudspeaker and apologizes to Amrita. Like all happy stories, the film has a happy ending, but by putting an unnecessary message, an attempt has been made to give some meaning to the story.

The story and dialogues of the film have been written by Melrpaka Gandhi and she has been assisted in the script by Sheikh Dawood. Melrapaka Gandhi is currently directing the Telugu remake of the Hindi film “Andhadhund”. The story is presented as a comedy. It has also been successful to a large extent, but in this affair, the entire film has become long. Like in ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan’ there was a problem of pregnancy in adulthood, ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan’ had the story of a gay wedding. Many years ago there was a story of a 32-year-old man in a Mumbai matinee who is still a bachelor. In Vicky Donor, a sensitive topic like sperm donation has been shown in a very funny way. A mini-katha seems to attempt to do something similar and the comedy turns into a quirky parody due to poor performances by the lead cast and leaves the audience uneasy.

Santosh Shobhan is a young actor and has done very few films. He appears confused in most of the scenes. He is probably trying to decide whether he wants to do comedy or keep a serious look or play a poor guy. The emotion on his face could not come according to the scene. In a film like Vicky Donor, Ayushmann Khurrana wins with his performance, Santosh misses out. Neither does he feel pity for his helplessness, nor does he laugh when he gets caught in some ridiculous situation. Kavya Thapar has not done any special acting in the character of Amrita. A little seriousness is expected from the actress in a film of such a serious subject, but the writers did not pay attention to it. Santosh’s clever friend Sudarshan (Darshan) has done a little comedy and because of this again and again, Santosh gets in trouble, these things make him laugh a little. The rest of the actors are very simple. No one’s acting leaves any impression.

The editor of the film Satya G. Huh. He has played an important role in prolonging this film. This film could have been finished in just 90 or 100 minutes but the writer and director’s desire to increase the story scene by scene prevented this film from becoming a tight film. The editor’s job was very important. This is the first film of the film’s director Karthik Rapolu. There is a lack of experience in their work. Unnecessary scenes and songs affect the pace of the film. Some scenes could have been removed completely. Gokul Bharti’s cinematography is also mediocre. Color continuity is not good at many places.

Do not make the mistake of watching the film with family members, you may have to face embarrassment.


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