A female player proposed to her girlfriend on the playground! Tears of happiness will come in my eyes after watching the video

It is said that the most important emotion in this world is love and whoever has found such a person in life, with the help of whose love he can spend his life, then no one can be lucky from him. When people find such a partner, they also propose in a special way to make him a life partner. Perhaps you must have seen many ways to propose on social media, but these days the cute proposal video which is going viral on social media is different. In the video, a female player is seen proposing her girlfriend (Woman Player Propose Girlfriend on Field) on the playground.

A video has been shared by the Twitter account @TSN_Sports a few days ago, which is becoming increasingly viral. According to the Indian Express report, the female player seen in the video is Sara Riu, who is the Australian Softball Player Proposal. He has proposed his girlfriend Jacinta Komande on the field itself (Woman Propose Girlfriend viral video).

The player proposed by pretending to be hurt
According to the report, Riu and Komande were in a relationship for the last two years and now wanted to tie the knot. That’s why Riu wanted her to be very special when she proposed. She pretended to be hurt on the field and fell there. Then people started coming to see him. After some time Komande also reached there and as soon as she went near him, Riu got down on her knee and she extended a ring.

People are getting emotional after watching the video
Let us tell you that the video has got more than 23 lakh views so far. Many people said that seeing this video brought tears to their eyes, while some also said that this is the best marriage proposal ever. Although many people started taking a dig at women being gay (Lesbian Player Propose Girlfriend gets Trolled), but most people do not see any difference from this. Talking about the proposal video, a few days ago a video went viral in which a male teacher proposed to a female teacher in front of the children inside the classroom.

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