A family providing free oxygen cylinders to patients in difficult times of Kovid-19


Pascal Saldhana, 55, and his family are providing exceptional service during the second wave of coronavirus in the country. The Saldhana family has so far provided oxygen cylinders, free of cost, to more than 200 patients. Sharing her experience, Shabana Malik, who received free oxygen cylinders from the Saldhana family, said, ‘My husband got corona infected last year. He needed oxygen for 12 days, so Mr Saldhana came to our aid. They gave us oxygen cylinders for free for all these days. Not only this, he also helped us in the matter of ration and medicines.

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About five years ago, Pascal Saldhana’s wife, Rosie, had kidney failure. After this, he also had to deal with coma, dialysis and brain hemorrhage. In such a situation, oxygen cylinders always had to be kept in the house for livelihood. When the principal of Malvani’s school, where Shabana teaches, asked Pascal Saldhana for help, he and his wife Rosie immediately agreed to give oxygen cylinders. Not only this, what Rosie did after this was inspiring in itself. Pascal, who runs the ‘Free Oxygen Cylinder Campaign’, says, ‘After giving oxygen cylinders, it came to my wife’s mind that many patients are struggling for this basic need (oxygen). My wife said, she has some jewelery which can be sold to earn money and the initiative of free oxygen cylinders can be started for the needy. I got 80 thousand rupees from selling jewellery, from which we bought seven oxygen cylinders and started helping people.

Seeing Pascal and Rosie, his younger son Salome has also started helping people. Salome says, ‘I have started helping like this through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. If these people contact me for help, then I tell that Aadhar card and doctor’s letterhead is necessary. After this, we prepare a team and deliver oxygen cylinders to the homes of such people. Till now we have helped 200 to 250 people. The help is not limited to oxygen, the Saldhana family has also donated two tonnes of pulses and grains to help the people of their area who are struggling for food. His ‘service’, which started with seven cylinders in March, has now taken the form of a campaign.

In Lottoland Aaj Ka Sitara series we give information about common man and their extraordinary deeds. Lottoland will provide one lakh rupees to the Saldhana family for their work.


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