A dog has been waiting outside the tunnel for 3 days after the Uttarakhand disaster – see emotional video

A dog has been waiting outside the tunnel for 3 days after the Uttarakhand disaster

Rescue operation of people trapped in flood-damaged Tapovan-Vishnugad project in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is still going on. At the same time, a video of a dog (viral video) is becoming very viral on social media, which has been waiting for its owners outside the tunnel here for the last three days. Actually, this dog got quite mixed with the people engaged in the rescue operation here, because these people used to feed him with them during work. For this reason, the dog got quite dissolved with them and is sitting here waiting for them.

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According to the report, this dog was not present here at the time of the disaster. But when he returned, everything had changed here. The people who used to see him here every day were no longer here. The 34-year-old survivor of this disaster, Rajinder Kumar, said that when we worked here, we used to give him food and he used to stay here with us all day. After the work of the site was over, he also left from here.

Dog Blackie is about two years old. He was born when the project had started at this place. He told that he grew up staying with us. But the day the flood occurred, it was not here. The dog went down at night. When he returned the next morning, he was not found by any identified person. He was very sad to see that.

Blackie found this place full of strangers. A local resident said that the rescue team tried to drive Blackie away. But after a while he would come back again and again. He was not ready to go out of the tunnel. He said that we are taking care of him now, he sits outside the tunnel all day, all night. We hope that he will soon be able to meet his colleagues trapped in the tunnel working here.

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Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan has shared a video of Blackie on Twitter. While sharing the video, he wrote, “This will make your heart melt,” “It’s black and it’s probably the most awaited of its owners, to be rescued from the Tapovan tunnel. It’s a heart-wrenching story.”


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