55% of divorced women want to forget old sorrow and join new bond – Survey

Divorced Women Want To Bond In New Relationship: Marriage is such a relationship which is bound by the thread of love and trust. When any one of the partners breaks this thread, then this relationship also reaches the verge of breaking. There can be many reasons for this. In such a situation, many times the relationship of marriage also reaches to the point, whose destination is divorced despite not wanting it. That is why it is said that the decision of marriage should not be taken suddenly. Because a right decision can fill life with happiness or a wrong decision can turn into sorrow. A famous writer has written that ‘If wisdom is shown in choosing a life partner, then 90% of all happiness or sorrow will end. According to the report published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, according to Dr Shweta Sharma, founder and psychologist of Mansa Global Foundation, life partner should be found for marriage, not room partner. Because it can cause happiness or sorrow in life.

It has been seen that many times after divorce, many women are not able to handle themselves, they have ways to move forward, but emotionally they are so broken, that they themselves have to move forward in life. She is unable to understand and stops being happy. But perhaps the times are changing now, according to the dating app Quack-Quack, this year many divorced women want to remove the incompleteness of their life.

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Divorced women now want to move on
of this app Survey According to this, 55% of divorced women think like this, they want to forget the old sorrow and get into a new bond. At the same time, there are women who like loneliness. She wants to remain single. in Couple and Family Psychology published According to a report, the reasons for divorce are extramarital affairs, lack of coordination, habit of alcohol or drugs, communication gap.

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Psychologist Shweta Sharma says that instead of crying over old relationships, it is better to start anew. It helps in overcoming the depression and stress caused by the grief of divorce. New marriage brings positivity in life, which makes life easier. Makes women emotionally strong.

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