5 such properties of garlic in winter, which science also believes to be true, know its benefits

Health benefits of garlic: In India, people have been using garlic for centuries to achieve wellness. In Ayurveda, garlic is considered a food item rich in medicinal properties. Eating garlic is advised in many diseases. healthline According to the news of garlic, there are many such properties which science has also proved. Garlic is recommended to cure many medical conditions. Many such compounds are found in garlic, which have medicinal properties. Scientists believe that the presence of sulfur in garlic is of great use. It helps to protect against many diseases. However, the most important compound in garlic is allicin. When we chop fresh garlic, allicin is released. If you cut it and leave it, allicin is released from the garlic. Apart from this, elements like manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, fiber are also present in garlic. Let us know what are the health benefits of garlic-

Benefits of garlic

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protect the body from cold
Eating garlic in winter reduces the effect of cold. Garlic also boosts immunity. The study, conducted for 12 weeks, found that people who consumed garlic daily, there was a 63 percent reduction in problems caused by colds. In addition, there was also a reduction in the length of cold symptoms. That is, where the complaint of cold lasted for an average of 5 days without the consumption of garlic, it came down to 1.5 days after the consumption of garlic.

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lowers blood pressure
Consumption of garlic balances high blood pressure. Allicin is found in garlic, which has a positive effect on blood pressure. One study found that the consumption of garlic acts like a medicine in high blood pressure. Eating garlic with honey provides quick relief in high blood pressure.

controls weight
Consumption of garlic is also helpful in controlling weight. Many types of nutrients are found in garlic but calories are very less in it. If you are also troubled by your increasing weight, then wake up in the morning and consume raw garlic on an empty stomach. This will help you in reducing your weight fast.

beneficial in diabetes
By eating garlic, the glucose level in the blood remains under control. It reduces the risk of diabetes by controlling the glucose level in the body.

strengthens bones
A study conducted on rats found that the consumption of garlic can prevent bone damage caused by the hormone estrogen in the body of women. Apart from this, garlic is also beneficial for the health of the teeth. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties, due to which it does not allow problems like tooth decay.

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