5 months pregnant runner did amazing, completed 10 km race in such minutes

Ankita has been running regularly for the last nine years. (Photo Credit: @ TCSWorld10K)

The runner said that due to being five months pregnant, his body is different than before.

Bengaluru One of the inspiring stories of TCS World 10 Bengaluru 2020 (tcs world 10k bengaluru) is the completion of a five-month pregnant woman’s race in just 62 minutes. Ankita Gaur, who is going to become a mother soon, completed the run of TCS World World 10 on Sunday. Ankita, who has been running regularly for the last nine years, believes that ‘activity’ is like breathing for her. TCS World 10 Bangalore is a 10 km running competition held every year. It was first organized in 2008

Ankita said that this is something that I have been doing for the last nine years, almost daily. You get up and go for a run. Of course sometimes you are injured, sick and unable to do so. She said that apart from this, I have been running regularly for the last nine years, so it is like breathing for me. It is naturally inside me.

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Ankita is an engineer by profession

Ankita, an engineer by profession, has been participating in TCS World 10K since 2013. She has also participated in five to six international marathons, including Berlin (thrice), Boston and New York. Asked how she prepared for this year’s competition, Ankita said that I was running five to eight km regularly, slowly. He said that I was running and walking while taking a break, because of course my body is different than before due to being five months pregnant.


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