5 crore luxury vehicles recovered, gang of thieves was operating from Dubai

The head of the gang, Sharik Hussain alias Satta, used to operate the gang from Dubai.

New Delhi:

Delhi Police has busted a large interstate gang of vehicle robbers. The members of this gang are associated with Manipur, Meerut and Indore. Delhi Police has also recovered 21 luxury vehicles, including 10 Fortuner cars. The head of this gang, Sharik Hussain alias Satta, used to operate the gang from Dubai. According to ACP Abhiendra Jain of South West District Operation Unit, the value of the recovered vehicles is being told more than 5 crores. Police has arrested 4 accused. Among them, the accused Abid Amroha, Segolsem Johnson are residents of Manipur, Mohammad Asif Meerut and Salman is from Indore.

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These vehicles have been recovered from Imphal and Indore. When a Delhi man stole his car, when the complaint was given to the police, this gang was exposed after investigation. Abid of Amroha was first arrested through CCTV and electronic surveillance. He revealed that he had obtained the stolen car from a person named Amir Safar and Sikander. Sharik Satta, sitting in Dubai, was running this racket with the help of his henchmen in Delhi NCR and other states.

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According to the police, when the car of a Delhi family was stolen, their 4-year-old child went into shock. After which the police recovered the car of this family, then the condition of the child improved. After which when the child reached the police with the family to get the recovered vehicle, he was happy to see his car. This was the reason that the police gave the child the gift of returning the car by filling balloons in the child’s father’s car.

7 thousand page charge sheet filed in the country’s biggest recovery case


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