2,000 cases of covid mu variant detected in US, first infection was reported in Colombia – 2,000 cases of covid mu variant detected in US. 2,000 cases of Kovid Mu variant were reported in America, the first infection was recorded in Colombia

Digital Desk, Washington. The US has detected about 2,000 cases of the new mu variant of Kovid, media reports have given this information. Earlier this week, the World Health Organization (WHO) designated Mu or B.1.621 as VoI for its vaccine resistance.

Infection from mu was first identified in Colombia in January this year, and has since been reported in South America as well as Europe, South Korea, Japan, Canada and the US. According to the open-access database GSEED (Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data), about 2,000 Mu infections have been identified in the US so far. The Washington Post reported that most cases have been reported in California, Florida, Texas and New York.

Top infectious disease expert Anthony S. There is no immediate threat in the US, Fauci said at a press briefing last week, where the delta variant accounts for more than 99 percent of cases in the country. The government is keeping a very close watch on this, he said. The WHO said that as of August 29, there has been a decline in the global prevalence among more than 4,500 sequenced (3,794 sequences of B.1.621 and 856 sequences of B.1.621.1) sequenced cases of GISAID from 39 countries and is currently at 0.1 percent. is below.

But the global health body said it was monitoring the new COVID-19 strain as cases continue to emerge in some parts of the world. According to the Japan Times, two mu variant cases were detected in the country during airport screenings in June and July. As reported by The Guardian, the mu variant has been detected in around 32 people in the UK. However, it is not clear how much protection the vaccines provide against these variants.



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