200 kg lion attacked 850 kg buffalo to eradicate hunger, fierce fighting took place for 1 hour

The lion would not have even imagined this outcome before attacking the buffalo (picture is symbolic).

Photographs of the bloody war between lions and buffaloes in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia are going viral. 31-year-old photographer Matt Armstrong-Ford shared photos of this fight standing just 100 feet away.

Moments of hunting are quite romantic. Especially people who hunt in the forest always like it. If the animals considered weak escape from the jaws of the powerful, then the incidence of hunting comes in the discussion. Recently, some pictures of hunting came out from Zambia’s National Park. In this, a 200 kg lion decided to hunt 850 kg buffalo. When the lion attacked with ambush, it would not have even imagined its outcome.

Wanted to digest buffalo
The king of the jungle chose a giant buffalo to hunt. After hunting the buffalo, the lion’s flock rested comfortably for a few weeks. The lion ambushed the buffalo from behind. But this time the lion underestimated its prey. The buffalo attacked the lion upside down and licked the lion itself. This fight lasted for an hour in which finally the lion bled himself and saved the buffalo’s life.

The war lasted 1 hour.The fight between the lion and the buffalo lasted for an hour. During this both of them were injured. There came a time that after fighting for 5 minutes, both of them would take a break and attack again. Neither the lion was ready to give up nor the buffalo. Both of them stubbornly faced each other. In this battle, the second buffalo was entered in the last, after which the lion had to retreat. But both were injured in this fight.

Buffaloes are dangerous

These buffaloes found in Africa are quite circumcised. These buffaloes are known as Kali Mauti or Widow Maker. Their horns are very life-threatening. Once, if he penetrated the horn in his victim, then his life is sure to die. The lion had underestimated its prey this time. Due to which the lion was also badly injured.


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