18 new coronavirus testing sites are going to open all over Maine, where most testing in India:

18 new coronavirus testing sites are going to open all over Maine, where most testing in India:

18 new coronavirus testing sites are going to open all over Maine, COVID-19 tests in Goa and Delhi the most:

The Union Ministry of Health stated, “22 states are currently conducting more than 140 tests per million population. Those states have done extensive testing as per the guidance note issued by WHO regarding COVID 19”.


No state is loosening its current norms when pandemic COVID 19 is underway who can get an order to test for viruses under a standing order. This usually includes those people, those who think they may have COVID-19 or viruses, or people at high-risk groups such as health care and workers such as police, sweepers, doctors, etc., who have participated in large ceremonies. In many states, people coming from outside are higher and the infection rate is very high elsewhere.

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The site to be opened for testing of COVID 19:

The new “swab and send” test sites will be available free of charge to those who deserve it. But most of them may require an appointment. They are opening up community throughout Maine, including Banger, Brewer, Augusta, Belfast, Ellsworth, Blue Hill, Bar Harbor, Callas, Portland, South Portland, Pittsfield, Waterville, Greenville, Dover-Foxcroft, Fort Kent and Presque Isle Huh.


Most of them will be operated by hospitals and health care organizations in those communities, but one of those sites will be operated by Promerica Health, a Falmouth-based company. According to Maine DHHS, operates mobile health vehicles in underserved areas. The state is working to add more of those locations and will list them at Get-Tested-COVID19.org.


 According to DHHS, it has established a new mobile state lab in Augusta and established new testing sites with a federal grant of $52.7 million.


This, coupled with the purchase of new test material from IDEXX Laboratories, is expected to help quadruple the current capacity of Maine testing from new test sites. The state’s public and private laboratories performed about 45,000 tests in June, after doing 37,000 in May.

          According to a spokesperson for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the state has recruited a total of 86 people – staff and volunteers, who trace contacts to people who test positive for the disease so they can undergo a quarantine.


Coronavirus testing highest in two states:

 The Center on Monday claimed that 22 states in India are testing more than 140 people per day for COVID-19 per million. Thus, exceeding the criteria given by the World Health Organization (WHO). In these states, Goa has a maximum of 1058 trials per million and Delhi tests 978 per million.


      According to the Central Government figures, there are 20 states whose recovery rate is higher than the national average. Rajesh Bhushan, OSD, Ministry of Health said that India’s national average is 63 percent. Among these states, the recovery rate is 64 percent in Uttar Pradesh, 67 percent in Odisha, 65 percent in Assam, 70 percent in Gujarat, 65 percent in Tamil Nadu.