14 PHERE RIVIEW: Climax of Vikrant-Kriti starrer film ends in a hurry, full family drama

In the film ’14 Phere’, Sanjay Lal Singh aka Sanju i.e. Vikrant Massey and Aditi Karwasra i.e. Kriti Kharbanda make their wedding plans with their office friends. On this planning, director Devanshu Singh has raised social issues. In this love story released on Zee5, Sanjay hails from Bihar and Aditi is from Rajasthan. Both have a ragging in college and their love story progresses to a live-in-relationship. The families of both are against their marriage. But Sanjay and Aditi neither run away and marry nor do they have any respect for the family members. Instead, do breakup planning. That is, ‘If you cannot convince them, then confuse them’, on the same lines, Sanjay creates a fake family for Aditi’s family and Aditi does the same thing for Sanjay’s family.

directing and acting

Made under the direction of Devanshu Singh, there is no such special novelty in this film but there is no frivolity either. Vikrant Massey has once again introduced his strong acting. Kriti Kharbanda’s acting can be called fine. If Gauahar Khan had to overact in her character, she did it. Jameel Khan was also seen doing justice to his role. Yamini Das’s presence in the role of Sanjay’s mother Saralal Singh is less, but as good as it is.

feature of the film

Apart from being a boyfriend, Sanjay is also in the role of a good son and brother. In this film, an attempt has been made to raise social issues like inter-caste marriage, horror killing, pain of parents living alone in a light manner. Apart from this, the thinking and carelessness of the youth of the new age has also been shown. The best part is that without giving heavy sermons, an attempt has been made to show the issues.

film’s pros and cons

The showing of college life and live-in for a very short time in the romantic film is making the audience angry. Somewhere weak scripting is also understood. Apart from this, according to the release on OTT, there is a need to work on the sound as well. Editing is lacking. With this, Devanshu Singh hastened to show the climax of the film. Although Riju Das’s cinematography is quite good. Some scenes of the film of about 2 hours are heart touching. The best thing about this film is that you can watch it with your family.


Songs in this film are present on every occasion. Be it marriage or wedding preparations, Sanjay-Aditi’s fight, there is a song for every occasion. The film has become good because of the song. Rajeev Bhalla and Jam 8 have tried to make music on the lines of new age. Overall, 2.5 stars can be given to this film.

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