13 Mussoorie Review: 13 Mussoorie, Manjha entangled in the name of Murder Mystery

Mumbai In our country, dramas influenced by foreign scripts are very less preferred. Foreign scripts, especially Murder Mystery, contain a character who suffers from a mental imbalance, has a backstory, which is revealed in the last episode. The recently released 13-episode web series “13 Mussoorie (13 Mussoorie)” on Voot is a murder mystery whose trailer created a lot of potential but made the rubber of the story dragging and tense in the story Boredom instead. Writer Karmanya Ahuja created this series to take advantage of the beautiful location of Mussoorie, mountains, winding paths, mist, greenery and quiet location. According to the information received, this series was ready in 2018 and then after a long gap it was released on Voot. Although this does not have any effect on the story of the year, but it does have an impact on the speed of the screenplay. A gap of two and a half years adversely affects the speed of this web series. The story seems slow. A serial killer appears in Mussoorie who is killing on the lines of an old serial killer named Aks. There is a bit of panic in the city. A police officer named Rishi Pant (Viraf Patel) is given the responsibility of investigating this case. Rishi’s wife Aditi Bisht (Shriya Pilgaonkar) is a journalist and due to phone calls from unknown numbers, she is also pulled out of the case. Aditya gets some intelligence about her late father and senior police officer Ajay Bisht due to her going under it. Ajay is investigating a serial killer named Aks. The investigation is not complete, but Aks disappears at that time, and four years later, after the death of Ajay Bisht, he returns to Mussoorie. Who is this image, why is killing, what is it related to Aditi… The answer to many such questions is 13 Mussoorie. From the story, it seems that those who watch Murder Mystery will like it a lot, but its screenplay i.e. the screenplay is so lousy that the viewer neither wants to see Murder nor solve the mystery. It is important in the murder mystery how the murder planned that murder, then how he murdered. It is important for those who see it. Or the events of the murder should be given the shape of a mystery, a clue should be given, a clue should be left. 13 This is not true in Mussoorie. At the time of a murder, there is also a German Shepherd dog, which has a strong smelling ability and is used like a detective dog. In the web series, that dog is of no importance and he does not provide any kind of help, even when the killer is bleeding, he does not defend the owner. When the cat killer makes a copy of Aksh, then his motivation is finally understood. However, that motivation is also very weak and inferior.

Shriya Pilgaonkar has tried her best to perform well but the expressions on her face do not last long. For Murder Mystery, the mystery and harassment on the actor’s face are permanent, they do not come on Shriya’s face. The personality of his fellow artist Viraf Patel is effective, the voice is also good but the acting is not that mature. There is no attempt to define the rest of the cast. Many artists come, who do not understand what is the connection with the case or Shriya and it is impossible to understand why some of them are being murdered. The story’s detail is more than necessary. Murder keeps happening in the cycle of dragging up to 13 episodes, in every episode a new character tries to mislead the story. One or two sub-plots are so meaningless that they do nothing for the story. It should have been included in 8 episodes. The director is Abhijeet Das. Based on a medical profession named Sanjeevani, he has directed the serial, is experienced and has done a good job in this web series too, but the script and the story betrayed him. As a director, he must have tried to improve the story, but there is no significant difference. 13 Mussoorie is a bit cumbersome and boring and thrills like Murder Mystery are also not in it. A lot of the script has been created by watching foreign web series and it looks completely different from the story. It is not known which journalists or policemen in India form a board and add evidence to each other and make a blueprint for the crime. If you are fond of watching murder mystery, then 13 Mussoorie may not give you that much fun.

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