1.6 million deaths due to corona in the world, Americans ready to give ‘gift’ of COVID vaccine

US ready to vaccinate corona vaccine (file photo)

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  • Countries most affected by US Corona
  • America preparing to give Corona vaccine
  • Germany imposed partial lockdown


More than 180 countries of the world have been caught by Coronavirus. In the midst of the havoc of Corona, preparations for COVID Vaccine are in full swing in many countries. Pfizer and Bioentech’s Corona vaccine is ready to be released from the company’s Michigan factory in the US for people to apply. America is going to give COVID vaccine to its people at a time when 1.6 million people have died due to virus in the world.

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The vaccine dose will be sent out in boxes filled with ice, which will be able to keep the temperature at minus 70 degrees. This temperature is necessary to prevent the drug from getting spoiled.

General Gus Parna, who is commanding the logistics operation, linked this moment to D-Day, which was a turning point of World War II. He told reporters, “I am absolutely sure that we will be able to deliver this valuable vaccine safely. Corona needs it to be defeated.”

The vaccination campaign in Corona, the country most affected, is beginning at a time when Germany has announced a partial lockdown from Wednesday to curb the increase in coronavirus infection. Under this, non-essential shops and schools will be closed from Wednesday.


In Germany, this lockdown will remain in force until 10 January. Companies have been requested to allow the employee to work from home or send him on leave.

Video: Central government releases guidelines on corona vaccine


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